Pneumia School of Business, Money and Wealth (PS-BMW)

Pneumia School of Business Money and Wealth is a training and mentorship program that helps to train Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, and everyone who is willing to improve, manage and effectively increase their financial status. This school equips its students with the right mindset to defeat the enemy called poverty by first debunking philosophies and bad money blueprints that has over time caused men and women to remain in a squalid financial situation.

The courses in the school are intelligently designed to help a student grow, unlearn and learn new principles for making, managing and multiplying wealth, it will also open the student to various channels of financial opportunities which will cause their desired change if followed diligently.

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The school is suitable for people who have a desire for financial freedom, all round growth, leadership and impact with wealth, these includes small or large business, Entrepreneurs of various fields, Directors of companies, Inventors, investors, security personnel, corporate workers, teachers, professionals, leaders and anyone of interest.

This school will help you acquire a new Money Blueprint and give you a new definition of wealth and how to comfortably live a wealthy and struggle free life financially. It will give you an opportunity to learn basic money languages and help you give focus to your net worth.

Presently, the school operates from Minna Niger state, Nigeria. But special online trainings are organized for students outside of Minna.

Registration is online on the website:

The registration fee is for a single class and every new class may have a different registration fee.

Quickly Register (#2,000) for the April 17th 2021 class, Please note limited space available.

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3. Pay your registration fee and details for your class would be sent to you contact.

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